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MNZ is a one stop shop for information security services. We are the only exclusive partners in Egypt with companies like Terranova WW corporation, A1QA, Alien Vault & Fraud Watch International.

We have a strong technical foundation offering state of art services. Our offered services managed to guide our clients through remediation recipes to enhance their security posture with well identified ROI.

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Empower your employees and make them the strongest line of defense

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Dedicated Team of Consultants to help you in every step to ensure your lifelong secure environment

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We believe in people first and foremost. We explicitly show that in everything we do. We enable, teach, learn from, rely on, back, help, engage with, to, and from people and on the inside and outside of the organization.

We will help create champions on our customer's side, we will ensure customer success in everything we deliver. To join us, Please send us your C.V. on our email address info@mnztechnology.com

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